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Our Mission

Your Environment
Oasis is dedicated to the improvement and enhancement of everybody’s environment, to facilitate an overall feeling of wellbeing and fulfilment.

Oasis will vigorously pursue creativity and innovation to bring successful concepts and ideas to our market enabling us to provide the best solutions, based on the principle of continuous improvement.

Global Partners

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Our Values

We Value:

  • Meeting customer expectations
  • Focusing on solutions
  • On-time delivery
  • Perseverance
  • Learning
  • Loyalty
  • Care

Our vision is to make a difference to your environment. Our teams’ extensive experience and knowledge of horticulture ensures we can deliver bespoke greenery systems that meet every expectation. With everything we create, we build it to last, so that your greenery always looks its very best.

We really believe in making a difference with our unique and specialist greenery solutions. In a world that is becoming increasingly urbanised, greenery is disappearing from the places we spend most of our lives. At Oasis we are committed to reversing this trend and improving the well-being of everyone and our environment by greening the urban landscape.

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0800 4 OASIS (0800 462 747)
Auckland: (09) 526 1665
Christchurch: (03) 375 7041

Head Office: 7 Waokauri Place, Mangere, Auckland
Office & Nursery: 320 Prestons Road, Marshlands, Christchurch